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Additives for the Plastics Processing Industry

The high quality products supplied by Addi-Tec include:

Performance chemicals for Paints and Coatings

Addi-Tec supply a wide range which includes:
PVC heat stabilisers
UV stabilisers
Optical brighteners
Antistatic agents
Rheology modifiers for PVC plastisol
Air-release additives
Thickeners/rheology modifiers
Anti-foaming agents
Flame retardants
Antistatic agents
UV stabilisers
Optical brighteners
Dispersing agents
Important examples of available products include:

Lastab DC 1921 – a ptbba free, liquid Barium/zinc stabiliser for semi-rigid and flexible PVC. The product combines excellent colour hold and good long-term heat stability with good plate-out resistance.

Lastab CP 876 – designed primarily for stabilisation of flooring wear layer, this high quality liquid Ca/Zn stabiliser offers outstanding colour hold and clarity.

Lastab DP 767 S - a highly efficient liquid Ba/Zn stabiliser formulated without phenol or phenolic species. It is a low emission product designed to meet the stringent demands of the PVC flooring market.

Lubex 200 – a low volatility product combining antistatic performance with effective viscosity depressing action.

Lubex 600 – a Nonyl phenol free, low volatility viscosity depressant of great efficiency.

Polygel W30 – is an acrylic, associative thickener/dispersing agent for paints/coatings. Rheology offered is slightly pseudoplastic.

Optiblanc PL – is a solid benxoaxazole based optical brightener which finds application primarily in can and coil coatings.

Alvinox FB – an effective primary antioxidant which finds use in polyester, hot-melt adhesives and other polymer systems.